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Dominika - owner of kennel (at the time 4 years old) in 1997 with her first chihuahua.

Nebrasca Edda kennel is registred in registry  of Slovenská kynologická jednota and international register FCI.

I have been breeding chihuahuas, mainly longcoated variant since 6.4.2004. Other then that in my family we breed since 1985 boxers in seperate kennel Fender Edda, which belongs to my father, Jozef Šuster. At the moment at home we have one dog of irish wolfhound. Chihuahua is part of our family from 1997 when we bought first member -  longcoated male called PATRIK Im-Ka.


  • Altough that chihuahua is common and favorite breed, requiments of potentional owners are individuals  or even in many cases it is up to a judge. In our breederline we are trying to focus on typical breed with no respect to actual modern trends, which represents weight up to 3kg with appletype of head.
  • In breed we focus on calm, self-confident and balanced character, which proof of are dogs confident and not-agressive at exhibition. We are trying to rule out labiled, scared or agressive individuals.
  • When we choose male for mating, are not the most important exhibitons' results, but quality of the dog and most priority his quality for the breed is assessed based on many years experiences although he does not have 10 chapionships.
  • Although we don't consider exhibitions for the top priority, we attent them where we meet with our friends and owners of our litters. We stay in touch with many breeders from many different Europian countries, so we can have overview of breed and to gain new experiences.
  • We feed our dogs with superpremium dry granules, but that is not the only thing. We cook meat, vegetable, we serve cheesee, quark or yogurts. We are trying to give to our dogs variety of food, yet 70% of our diet is made of granules, I contrast that they are superpremium.
  • To owners of our dogs we offer consulting in areas of diet, feeding, exhibitions or grooming- therefore complete breeding service. 
  • Puppies are growing up not only in company of adults, but also with children and with other dogs - even with bigger breed.

Our main condition is that all of puppies from our breed will not use for breeding without pedigrees!  Also we are not presenting it in only good way just to make you buy it. We highlight to potential buyer all pros and crons which are closey related to our breed or even to spesific individual. It includes its defects (exterior, health). We try to find a good owner for our puppy, they will live together live.