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About us

Nebrasca Edda kennel is registred in registry of Slovenská kynologická jednota and international register FCI.
We focus in breeding chihuahuas, mainly longcoated version. In our family we also breed boxers in seperate kennel Fender Edda. At the moment at home we have one dog of irish wolfhound. Chihuahua has been part of our family since 1997, when we bought first member - longcoated male called PATRIK Im-Ka. Our main condition is that all of puppies from our breed will not use for breeding without pedigrees! We try to find a good owner for our puppy, they will live together live.

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VANILLA NESQUICK Nebrasca Edda has got a new home in Korec family in Bratislava, Slovakia!

New owner is Adelka Korcová!

We wish to our Nesquick many happy years and successes at shows!

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